Randy Moss Makes Spectacular One-Handed Touchdown Catch (Video)

  • Glenn Davis

The Patriots’ Randy Moss might be 33 and feel unwanted, but when properly motivated he can still catch passes with the best of them – evidenced by his sensational touchdown catch earlier in today’s game against the Jets.

With the game tied at 7 in the second quarter, Tom Brady threw deep to Moss. Impressively, Moss had a step on Darrelle Revis, but the ball would have been out of thew reach of most receivers. Luckily, Moss is 6-4 and has otherworldly talent…so he reached out his arm, caught the ball, and hauled it in. With one hand.

Maybe the most amazing thing about the play was how easy Moss made it look – it certainly didn’t look easy for Revis, who hurt his hamstring on the play. Again, to recap: Moss beat the best cornerback in football down the field, then caught a ball in stride with one fully extended arm for a touchdown.

Video of the catch below – has there ever been a player with more natural talent than Moss?