A Dude On The Cardinals Lost His Fingertip Yesterday

  • Matt Rudnitsky

Rashad Johnson Lost Finger

Rashad Johnson was a ten-fingertipped safety for the Arizona Cardinals when he woke up on Sunday. Now he’s a nine-fingertipped safety for the Arizona Cardinals.

What I’m trying to say is the dude lost his fingertip, and even though he found it, it’s not coming back to its home.

Arizona Cardinals safety Rashad Johnson said Monday that he lost the top of his left middle finger just above the knuckle during Sunday’s loss to the New Orleans Saints.

Johnson realized the significance of the injury when he pulled his hand out of his glove and the fingertip was still in it.

Technically he didn’t “lose” it, because he found it.

He underwent surgery Sunday night. Doctors shaved down the bone in the finger to prevent infection. There are no plans to reattach the finger, and Johnson’s injury may take a few weeks to heal.

Johnson thinks the injury occurred just before halftime during a punt return by the Saints’ Darren Sproles. He is unsure how it happened and will watch game film Monday to get a better idea.

Johnson realized he was hurt when he looked down and saw blood coming out of his glove.

If you give someone the middle-finger but the tip is missing (the opposite of giving someone “just the tip”), does it still mean “fuck you?” Or does it just mean “you?”