If These Videos Of A Near-Deranged Ravens Fan/Banshee Are Real, We Are A Bit Concerned

  • Glenn Davis

Fans go nuts during intense, close games, especially if they’re in the playoffs. You’ve been there. We’ve all been there. We might lose it to the point where we’re not too proud of ourselves later. So when watching someone else lose it over a game, we can empathize. Nothing we haven’t done, right? Just let it out, get it over with, and do about your business once you’ve blown off sufficient steam. It’s okay. We understand.

… Usually. Because sometimes, the degree to which someone loses it is foreign to anyone with any semblance of a normal brain. Sometimes, “It’s okay, I’ve done stuff like that too” becomes “Hey, whoa, buddy, just a game, take it easy over there, would ya?” Guess where on the spectrum this Ravens fan, shown here reacting to some key developments in the team’s win over the Broncos on Saturday, falls?

When your young children are asking you if your tantrum is over, it might be time for some introspection. But such introspection would, of course, have to wait until after the game. While the game was still going on, there were freakouts like this to be had:

And as The Big Lead’s Stephen Douglas (and several others in YouTube comments) observed, when your young children have completely tuned out your freakout as if this kind of thing happens all the time, it is really time for some introspection. But, you know, not time for introspection while the game’s going on etc. etc. here’s another meltdown:

The Nintendo 64 kid really aged quickly.

Maybe the scariest part of all this is that this guy’s wife didn’t even capture his reaction to the winning field goal (we’re thinking he might have put this bro to shame, but we’ll never know). We should raise the possibility that the guy was just hamming it up, or maybe he got really sincerely intense and then, once he realized that he was being filmed, decided to carry the game freakouts to an absurd extent. But if this was 100 percent genuine: good Lord. Making videos for the internet to laugh at him is the least this guy’s wife could be doing. While mostly this guy frightens us, though, we’re a bit relieved by one thing his wife said in a comment below one of the videos on YouTube:

I guess I should be ready to record for the AFC Championship game.

It’s not just that we’re glad to have the chance to see this guy lose his mind again (though we are indeed glad for that). The fact that she’s planning on recording him during the AFC title game means last weekend’s game didn’t kill him.

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