Just Some Happy Crowds Parading Through Baltimore After The Ravens Won The Super Bowl

  • Glenn Davis

The Ravens won the Super Bowl last night, withstanding a late 49er rally to win 34-31. And people in Baltimore were very, very happy, as people usually are when a team from their city wins a championship. In fact, sometimes they’re so happy that they cause havoc. But to Ravens fans’ credit, they didn’t do much of that last night – rather, they were just really excited. For example, they danced in large masses, and some removed their shirts despite it not being shirtless weather:

They got on top of cars:

One solitary RavenBro took it upon himself to get some drivers excited all by his lonesome:

And while some people did cause trouble:

Mostly, everyone was just real happy, even if they held their phone cameras the wrong way:

So enjoy it, Baltimore. Super Bowls don’t come around too often, and for the most part, you comported yourselves pretty well in victory. You’ve earned a celebration. Go crazy. But, y’know, don’t hate us if we pour one out for Browns fans tonight.