Should The Stop That Won The Ravens The Super Bowl Have Been Defensive Holding?

  • Glenn Davis

The Baltimore Ravens are Super Bowl XLVII champions, prevailing 34-31 over the 49ers after a furious San Francisco rally ultimately fell short. And it fell short thanks to a Ravens stop on 4th and goal with less than two minutes left. Big play, clutch defense… or cheating? While of course just about any penalty is less likely to be called at so pivotal a moment… well, there was plenty of contact. See for yourself:

Jim Harbaugh certainly thought a call should have been made… then again, on the Jim Harbaugh reaction scale, this one hardly rates. If that’s all he can muster, maybe it really was a good no-call. Then again… there was a lot of contact there. Let us know: should that have been defensive holding? (And while you’re at it, let us know if you’re a 49ers or Ravens fan, so we can properly contextualize your opinion.) And either way, congrats to the Ravens.