NFL Player/Possible Genius Accurately Sums Up Sports Rivalries With One Piss-Related Quote

  • Dan Fogarty

Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs is known for doing attention-grabbing things before his team plays the Pittsburgh Steelers. Remember that time he wore a shirt that said “Hey Steelers,” and had a picture of a Raven flipping the bird? That’s Suggs’ style: he likes to get in opponents’ heads in the week leading up to games, and the nature of the Raven-Steelers rivalry usually makes him ratchet up the shit-talk to another level.

This week, however, Suggs is keeping a lid on it. During an interview on 970 ESPN Radio in Pittsburgh, Suggs wisely chose not to talk too much trash, and instead focused his attention on summarizing one of the best rivalries in sports with one of the best quotes we’ve heard in awhile.

“Ravens-Steelers gets everybody’s piss hot … Fuck it. Let’s do it.”

Indeed. By the way, Ravens-Steelers is the Sunday night game on NBC, in case you’d like to get your piss hot.

[h/t Big Lead]