Ravens Unveil Ray Lewis Statue, Internet Reacts With Joy. Just Kidding, They're Tweeting Chalk Outlines.

  • Rick Chandler

One day a thousand years from now (or much sooner, the way things have been going), when an alien race explores the broken, overgrown remains of our once great human civilization, they may uncover this statue of Ray Lewis among the rubble where M&T Bank Stadium once stood. It’s on its side, covered in vines and mud, but otherwise intact.

And they will be confused, because according to their sketchy data, Lewis may have once murdered a couple of guys. The humans, they were strange beings.

This happened this morning in front the Ravens’ stadium, where Lewis is now immortalized in bronze. At the ceremony he did his famous squirrel dance, and said things like “This is my city.” People applauded and took photos.

But out in social media, it was a bit of a different story. Many can’t forget that night in 2000 when two men were knifed to death during a scuffle outside of an Atlanta nightclub with Lewis’ entourage. Lewis was arrested and tried for the slayings, but beat the rap due to lack of evidence — in large part because the clothes he wore that night had vanished. It was one of the biggest changes of fortune in sports history: Lewis could have landed in prison for murder, but instead went on to become a superstar and win two Super Bowls.

And get a statue outside his stadium. Many do not approve.