Here’s A High School Wrestler Named Ray Lewis Losing A Championship Match In 1992

  • Glenn Davis

Before terrorizing ballcarriers/hamming for the cameras with the Ravens, even before building his reputation as a tackling machine at Miami, Ray Lewis played football and wrestled at Kathleen High School in Lakeland, Fla. And he was an excellent wrestler, winning a state title his senior season. And while he had an outstanding year as a junior as well, that season did not quite end in the same glory. That season ended like this (the video was uploaded earlier this week, but just came to our attention today, thanks to Prep Rally):

Clearly, Lewis took defeat pretty hard back then, too. Tip for the 49ers: if you really want to get under Lewis’ skin on Sunday, just shout “John Ancona!” at him from across the line of scrimmage. Lewis will definitely know what you mean.

[Prep Rally]