In More Odd Ray Lewis News, He Kissed Michael Phelps After The Super Bowl

  • Jordan Rabinowitz

When you’re Michael Phelps, you can pretty much do whatever you want. Twenty-two gold medals this particular weekend bought Phelps a ticket to the Baltimore Ravens’ locker room after their Super Bowl victory. The steamy environment saw Phelps and his old friend, Ray Lewis, share a warm embrace, some congratulatory words and a champion’s kiss.

Phelps, the noted Baltimorean, has built a relationship with Ray over the years and when Ray caught Michael’s eye from across the locker room, sparks flew like the ending to the weirdest romantic comedy you’ve ever watched (via Jarrett Bell at USA Today):

Michael Phelps was milling around the festive, extremely cramped and steamy visitor’s locker room on Sunday night, when Ray Lewis popped out of the shower.The iconic Baltimore Ravens linebacker, clad in a towel, spotted the Olympic swimming champ and unleashed a grin so wide that it might have lit up the Mercedes-Benz Superdome during a power outrage.

This is still SFW, I think…

“I told you I was going out on top!” Lewis told Phelps. “And somebody gave me the formula. Baltimore! Champions!”

That formula, of course, is for homemade deer antler spray.

They hugged, and Lewis grabbed Phelps behind his neck and pulled him closer. They pressed foreheads and whispered. It was a classic moment. Two outgoing champions. Two sports. One hellacious connection.

Then Lewis kissed the Baltimore native on the forehead.

Ray Lewis, clad in a towel, kissed Michael Phelps on the forehead. And somehow the world is still standing. Thank you…Jesus, I guess?

[USA Today, Getty Images]