Ray Lewis Geeks Out Every Time He Watches The Blind Side

  • Glenn Davis

Last week, Ravens offensive lineman Michael Oher shared his mild frustration about how every time The Blind Side (the movie based on the book based on Oher’s life) comes on TV, teammate Ray Lewis always lets Oher know it. While Oher might not love this, we do.

You see, there are a couple possible things going on here. One: maybe Lewis is gently ribbing Oher. After all, Oher’s a young guy only in his third season, while Lewis is in his 16th. Not to mention, Lewis is the team’s spiritual leader and one of the greatest middle linebackers ever. He can say basically whatever he wants, whenever he wants, to anyone.

But there’s another possibility, too: that Ray Lewis, spiritual leader of the Ravens, future Hall of Famer, one of the greatest middle linebackers ever, Super Bowl MVP…was just blown away that he knew someone whose life was made into a movie. Imagine Lewis sitting there, flipping channels, coming across The Blind Side, and basically turning into this, every time. Like Ray Lewis, fearsome man in the middle, combined with an everyday person coming on too strong to a celebrity on Twitter. Proof that no matter how hard you can hit Dustin Keller, you’re not immune to getting starstruck.

[h/t Andrew Ungvari]

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