Ray Lewis And Jim Nantz Touching Hands During Ray Lewis’ Super Bowl Postgame Interview Is A Metaphor For Something

  • Dylan Murphy

Once the Baltimore Ravens won the Super Bowl, it was only a matter of time before Ray Lewis yelled some things into a microphone about God and Baltimore and what not. It’s become his especially tired shtick of late, but what’s one more time in a million? The interview with CBS’ Jim Nantz while holding the Vince Lombardi trophy went as expected, sparing one minor detail: do notice Ray Lewis’ hand, casually and sensually placed atop Nantz’s, as he eases the microphone towards his face to yell “Baltimore!” and some other things. Not that Lewis has anywhere else to put his hand, but it was an especially touching moment, a man and a network embracing each other so they can shove the same storyline down our collective throat.

Also: hopefully Lewis’ band-aided middle finger doesn’t need a spritz of deer antlers.