Ray Lewis To Retire At Season’s End, Ending 17 Years Of Hitting You In The Mouth And Shouting About It

  • Dylan Murphy

Ray Lewis, man of the motivational word, is retiring at the conclusion of this season. Though he returned to practice on December 5th in anticipation of his return from a torn triceps injury suffered earlier in the season, it is unclear as to whether or not he will play against the Indianapolis Colts this Sunday in the AFC Wild Card round.


“Lewis told the team that ‘this will be my last ride.’

Lewis says ‘it is time for me to create a new legacy’ after 17 NFL seasons.”

Lewis is a 13-time Pro Bowler, 7-time First Team All-Pro and surefire first ballot Hall of Famer.

Also of note: we’re slightly terrified for how much he’ll pump up his teammates for the upcoming game, which might be his last – probably enough to willfully run through a brick wall.