Ray Lewis Seems To Think His Settlement Money To The Murder Victims’ Families Was Actually Charity

  • Matt Rudnitsky

As we all know, Ray Lewis was accused of murder, but he negotiated a plea agreement that left him a free man. Lewis was never proven guilty, and he says he was wrongly accused. The families of the two murdered victims don’t forgive Lewis.

On CBS’s Super Bowl pregame show, Shannon Sharpe addressed Lewis about what he’d say to the families.

Nobody knows if Ray Lewis was actually involved. It’s unclear. But something is clear: the families involved had to endure a tragedy. Whether that was Lewis’s fault in any capacity has nothing to do with that.

Lewis really said this:

“The one thing I said that, because my name was used the wrong way, money is the last thing I’m worried about, but if money will help those kids out – and not just those kids but any kid I can help, any family I can support, I’ll support,” Lewis said to Sharpe. “So don’t just take that family and say I gave money to that family, because I’ve given money to thousands of families time and time again, just to find a different way to help somebody through a rough time.”

This is why people hate Ray Lewis. He seriously equated the family’s settlement money to charity. For clarification, Ray, charity is not given to save your own ass. If that were the case, philanderers and murderers and nefarious corporations would be our true American heroes.

Get ready to hear this man analyze sports regularly, America. This should be fun.

[Shutdown Corner]