Ray Rice Fell Off A Float At The Ravens’ Victory Parade, Thankfully Bounced Right Back Up

  • Glenn Davis

Victory parades, as we discussed yesterday, are events when players can do pretty much whatever they want – for example, sing or dance badly – and no one cares because everyone’s happy. Sure, they might get made fun of, but that’s a small thing next to the crowd’s shared joy. It’s an atmosphere where everyone’s okay with letting loose.

However, caution must still be exercised – if not in pursuit of preserving one’s public dignity, then certainly in pursuit of preserving one’s physical safety. Ray Rice can attest to this now. At The Ravens’ parade yesterday, Rice rode on a float, high-fiving fans as he went by, because Rice is by all accounts a good guy and genuinely wanted to celebrate with fans and show them some love. But he had to lean over toward them. And that led to a briefly-scary moment:

Thankfully, Rice bounced right back up, in good spirits and physical condition (he assured Boomer & Carton today that he was none the worse for wear in recounting the incident). Good thing – we can’t remember a victory parade being marred by an injury to a star player before. Injury to the trophy, maybe, but not to players. Fortunately, Rice avoided injury, and the Ravens avoided the least-happy victory parade ever. We’ll see if Rice’s next contarct includes any stipulations about proper celebrating at hypothetical victory parades.