Reaction To Tim Tebow News Has Been Fast, Furious, Funny

  • Rick Chandler

There’s already a betting line on how many TDs Tim Tebow will get for the Patriots this coming season, believe it or not. That number is 2.5, and I assume it includes receiving TDs as well. You may want to get in some of that sweet, sweet action.*

Yep, response to the big news has been voluminous and swift. My favorite GIF? This one:


Skip Bayless leading a cavalry charge consisting of just himself: absolutely perfect.

Favorite tweet? I’d have to say this:

Favorite Photoshop? No contest:

But there are many other great ones — some amusing, some informative, and some — like Jose Canseco’s rant a couple of hours ago — alternating between funny and weird. Let’s take a look.

From Barstool Sports:

And of course …

* = action may not be sweet.

GIF image capture: SB Nation.