It’s Going To Be Really, Really Cold In Green Bay On Sunday

  • Eric Goldschein

packers in the cold

Trying to predict the weather even a few days before an event is an impossible task (though that didn’t stop the Farmers Almanac from saying it will snow during the Super Bowl), but the early predictions for the weather during the Niners-Packers game this Sunday say that it’s going to be somewhere between fucking freezing and for-the-love-of-God-what-are-we-even-doing-outside-we-are-going-to-die-soon.

As of right now, according to, Sunday’s high in Green Bay will be a balmy 0 (zero) degrees Fahrenheit. The low for the evening — and remember, the game kicks off at 4:40 PM ET — is -18 degrees. Look:

green bay weather

Not only that, but with the wind chill, it may feel as cold as -45 degrees by the end of the game. Seriously.

You mean it’s going to be cold in Wisconsin in January? No way! But keep this in mind: If the 49ers had lost their final game of the season against the Cardinals, they would have been the NFC’s sixth seed and traveled to Philadelphia this weekend, where temperatures are expected to be in the 40s with a chance of rain. Just saying.

Bottom line: Expect a lot of the power running game from both teams, as well as frostbite. Seriously, bundle up.


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