Reddit User Maps The Most-Hated NFL Teams In Each State And Continent

  • Zach Berger

Say what you will about reddit, but every once in a while the site pulls out some incredible user-generated original content that you really wouldn’t find anywhere else. Disclaimer: I am a daily redditor and consider it an addiction, so I’m forcing it on all of you now.

The most recent example of such content came from r/NFL, which is of course a subreddit dedicated to the National Football League and all things related to football. User kmhokies35 polled the subreddit, which has over a quarter-million subscribers, to find out where they’re from and what football team they hate the most. The results were compiled into maps and we can now see who everyone hates! Yay!

Here’s the United States hate map, which is broken down by state:

As you can see, the 49ers and Seahawks dominate hatred of the entire West Coast. Some odd results include the Steelers appearing in Arizona and New Mexico. I guess Cardinals fans are still salty about Super Bowl XLIII, in which Big Ben and Santonio Holmes combined for a miracle touchdown to deny Kurt Warner a second ring.

Even so, shouldn’t they hate their actual rivals more? The Patriots have a surprisingly small amount of hatred comprising of New York (Jets/Giants fans for obvious reasons) and Florida (presumably Dolphins fans and not Bucs fans). Oh, and Indiana too for some reason. There’s nothing super surprising on the map, but it’s fun.

Here’s the continental NFL hate map:

I’m glad to see Asia and South America doing it right with their Patriots hatred. Africa has an issue with America’s Team for some reason. Europe is coming in strong with the Ravens hate. North American and Australia both dislike the 49ers. And Canada — which, yes, we know, isn’t a continent, but is differentiated here from the rest of North America — really hates the Giants for some reason. Antarctica is neutral. I’d love to hear the rationale behind most of these.

So does the NFL hate map align with your views? Is the reddit sampling completely off? Are you from a continent other than North America and if so, can you explain why your continent hates an NFL team?

As for me… I don’t see why we have to hate. Why can’t we just love each other? Everybody. Love. Everybody.