This Washington Redskins Dog Eats Washington Redskins Treats, Not Dallas Cowboys Treats

  • Dylan Murphy

The Redskins-Cowboys rivalry dates back to October 9, 1960, when Washington beat Dallas 26-14, and players wore leather helmets and such. But the rivalry is every bit as fierce these days, mostly because Jerry Jones is insanely jealous of RG3 and wishes he could fire himself. It turns out that the rivalry isn’t limited to man, however, thanks to one Redskins family with a very loyal and supportive dog.

Named Dexter (after famed Redskins defensive end Dexter Manley, who has a lifetime NFL ban for failing four drug tests), this lovable dog hates everything Dallas Cowboys, even when it comes to his favorite treat.

We are equally terrified by and amazed at this.

[Off The Bench]