Just Before It Ended, The Referee Lockout Somehow Led To Patrick Stewart Being On The Daily Show

  • Glenn Davis

Ah, NFL referee lockout. You’re over now, and frankly, we’re glad to be done with you. But in fairness to you, while you were around, you were a fertile source of comedy – especially, as it turned out, just as you were about to end. Take last night’s Daily Show, for example, which delved into the replacement ref controversy – and in the process, gave us a visual of Jon Stewart we weren’t asking for:

But it didn’t stop there. The show tok the bit further: inspired by the NFL’s labor struggle, The Daily Show’s correspondents were striking to get a better deal of their own, with replacement correspondents fulling in in the interim. Under normal circumstances you might think, “Well, cute idea, but it doesn’t totally work since the NFL referees didn’t go on strike; they were locked out.” But these were not normal circumstances. Why? Because Jean-Luc Picard was in the building:

So if The Daily Show got replacements that were better than the normal performers, what would the NFL equivalent be? We’re thinking Ed Hochuli (or at least his arms) would be replaced by Jay Cutler. No, not that Jay Cutler… this Jay Cutler. Also, now that we think about it, Patrick Stewart might have been a great person to help end the referee lockout, too, had it dragged on for much longer. All he would’ve needed to do: sit at the negotiating table and, at the first sign of disagreement, assume one of his most famous poses.

You think that couldn’t have shamed the sides into a deal?