The Referees Are Replacement Ref-Esque Blooper Machines Today

  • Joe Levine

Today has been a special day for those “regular” refs we thought we really wanted back after being subjected to the incompetence of the replacement referees. Thank God the regular refs are back, right? Everything is good now?

If today is any indication, there may not have been any difference between them.

Exhibit A: Carolina vs. Washington

The first offense came with the Panthers driving against the Redskins defense. The Panthers looked to be on a roll. That is, until the referees intervened and induced Carolina quarterback Cam Newton into committing a delay of game penalty.

Cool Refs

I’m no fan of Newton, but even I have to take his side here.

Exhibit B: Carolina vs. Washington again

The second offense didn’t really have an affect on the game. It’s more of an embarrassing moment for this referee in particular, who reacts to having the football softly tossed at him like he was just punched in the face.

Another Cool Ref

Wake up, dummy.

Exhibit C: Miami vs. Indianapolis

The third and final offense (so far) comes from this referee crew that decided to leave their microphones one while discussing a disagreement over a play. Watch (and listen) as one referee loudly and profanely disagrees with his colleague.

Poor Kevin Harlan can only apologize for the gaffe.

Stay tuned to see if the refs can continue to pile on the bloopers as we get into the second half of Sunday’s NFL action.

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