Reminder: You'll Have To Find Another Way To Watch 'Hard Knocks' Besides Stealing An HBO GO Password [UPDATE: Nope, It's Available!]

  • Eric Goldschein

Using your parents’ HBO GO password — or your brother’s, or your girlfriend’s, or your step-cousin’s, or your college roommate’s — is a time-honored tradition that even HBO’s CEO understands and is not overly concerned about. While the company doesn’t actively encourage password-sharing, the practice is a “marketing vehicle” that can alleviate some of the guilt you may or may not feel from, you know, stealing.

UPDATE: HBO has apparently changed its mind/gotten the NFL to lighten up, because the episodes will now be available on its streaming service “within 24 hours” of airing:

Now, here’s where our old post left off:

But while “Game of Thrones” and “True Detective” are easy enough to stream (barring failing servers) from your bed, “Hard Knocks” is once again another story:

That means that if you don’t catch the show live (or if you don’t DVR it), you won’t have a chance to stream it later, because NFL Films owns the show’s digital rights, which includes mobile rights.

Sadly, this isn’t news: It’s been that way for years. We hoped against hope that the show would be made more accessible this year, or at least easier to watch if you aren’t around on Tuesday nights, but no dice.

The newest season, featuring the Atlanta Falcons, premieres tonight at 10 p.m. ET. Here’s a preview, via, yep, Be sure to catch it when it happens… or you can stalk YouTube/other illegal streaming services for clips, if you dare. We’ll have recaps each week, for those who have seen it/for those who prefer reading words about a show to actually watching a show.