Report: Baby Without Ticket Denied Entry At Lambeau Field (Video)

  • Dylan Murphy

Lambeau Field hates babies. This video, which comes to us via Barstool Sports, shows a Lambeau Field ticket sales employee denying entry to a couple and their two-month-old baby because someone’s without a ticket. Though it’s unclear based on the video who exactly is ticketless, according to the YouTube uploader, it’s the baby.

The couple reportedly drove from Iowa and spent over $1,000 on suite tickets to attend last night’s Bears-Packers game, only have to their family outing rebuffed by a rigid and most likely disgruntled Packers’ employee. The mother and employee get in a bit of a shouting brouhaha, with the mom surmising that the price for her baby not to watch the game should be $10. Maybe she should have just played the “We own part of the team!” card and been done with it. But seriously, what an irresponsible baby.

From the NFL’s perspective, we completely understand. Gotta make up for all those concessions they handed to the refs!

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