Report: Detroit Lions CB Aaron Berry Arrested For Being In A Car That Pointed A Gun At A Miami Dolphins Blogger

  • Dylan Murphy

Reports came out earlier today that Detroit Lions cornerback Aaron Berry was arrested for three counts of simple assault, but the plot thickened as the victim wrote a firsthand account of the incident over at Phinfever, a Miami Dolphins blog, where he’s a blogger. It’s a pretty crazy story, as a relatively innocuous case of poor driving in a parking lot escalated rather quickly into gun-pointing.

Here’s the story:

“So this is way off topic but was a crazy experience for me. Im visiting family in PA and was out at the bars in Harrisburg last night. At the end of the night as my buddies and i are walking back to the car we nearly get hit by this guy backing out of a parking spot.

Naturally we were yelling to get his attention so we wouldnt get hit. Well next thing we know theyre rolling down the back window and the front passenger points a laser at us and tells us to back away.

The one friend and I just brushed it off and kept walking after the car left only to turn around and see our other friend frantically ru.ning up to a cop. Turns out that laser was attached to a glock 45… my friend being a gun enthusiast was able to describe the weapon exactly and they caught the car just a block away.

So after we went and identified the guys from the car and filled out all the police reports the one cop says… Do you guys know who that is?

I had no clue… but he says… thats Aaron Berry feom the Lions… he dropped the crucial interception in the playoff game against the Saints last year. The bleepin idiot was just arrested less than a month ago for DUI in practically the same spot.

All I could do was laugh at this point. The scariest moment in my life thus far came at the hands of a player from the sport Im most passionate about. Go figure.

At least I have a cool story now… how many people do you know that had a gun pointed at them by an NFL player.”

There’s no word on whether Aaron Berry was the one holding the gun, but reports confirm that he was in fact in the car.


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