Oh God, It Looks Like The Steelers Are Actually Going To Sign Plaxico Burress

  • Glenn Davis

Look, we knew the Steelers were desperate for quarterbacking help after losing both Ben Roethlisberger and Byron Leftwich to injury – see this heartbreaking list of potential signings for proof. But this? Signing Plaxico Burress, a receiver, after all that’s transpired with him over his career – not to mention that he’s 35 and a shell of his former self? Now he’s supposed to fix the Steelers under center?

Wait…I’m hearing something…hold on…

OK, so apparently the Steelers are actually signing Burress as a receiver. Well, that’s a little better. Must’ve been a hell of a workout he put on for them. Still, the fact remains that Burress is 35 and won’t be the same type of player he was the last time he was in Pittsburgh. We hadn’t heard a peep from him all season, and this came out of nowhere – the fact that he found gainful NFL employment so soon after his name surfaced surprised us, to say the least.

But have a look at what Burress did for the Jets last season: 45 catches, 612 yards, eight touchdowns. Those numbers are far from spectacular, but they show he’s still a viable option as an NFL receiver post-self-leg-shooting, and they make us a little surprised it’s taken Burress this long to catch on somewhere. He’s still 6-5 and a potential boon to the Steelers’ red zone offense – whoever’s throwing him passes. If he has anything left to give, Mike Tomlin, who commands as much respect as anyone in the NFL, will get it out of him. And if he he doesn’t? Well, it was worth a shot try.

Photo via Getty