Report: Tim Tebow “A Virtual Certainty” To Join The Jacksonville Jaguars

  • Matt Rudnitsky

According to ESPN’s Chris Mortensen, Tim Tebow is planning to request a release from the New York Jets roster, and he will be granted the opportunity to pretend to play quarterback elsewhere. Mort says there’s no mystery regarding where he’ll end up.

League sources say it is a virtual certainty Tim Tebow will land a job back home with the Jacksonville Jaguars in 2013

I apologize for interrupting your normal Week 15 NFL schedule — you know, Division and Wild Card races coming down to the wire, Fantasy Football Championships being deicided, Greg McElroy having his Brady-Bledsoe moment (DON’T YOU SEE THE SIMILARITIES? NEVER MIND THAT I’M A JETS FAN) — for Tebow news, but this is actually substantial news that makes sense.

As we all know, Tebow grew up in the Jacksonville area, went to the University of Florida and Jags fans LOVE them some Tebow.

Of course, this could be incredibly awkward if Tebow can’t beat out Chad Henne, Blaine Gabbert, or whomever he’s in competition with (remember: he couldn’t pass MARK SANCHEZ OR GREG MCELROY this year). Because if Tebow is on the Jaguars but isn’t starting opening day, there will be HELL.

Basically, there are three ways this can end.

1) Tebow starts, shuts up the haters and saves the Jaguars franchise. (LIKELINESS: 1/10)
2) Tebow starts and sets the franchise back 2-3 years, but ticket sales boom for a bit. (LIKELINESS: 8/10)
3) Tebow doesn’t start, the team still sucks with Gabbert/Henne/Recycled Backup, EverBank field is burned to the ground. (LIKELINESS: 1/10)

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