Rex Ryan And Cowboys TE Coach Mike Pope Compete To Have The Weirdest Training Camp Drills In The NFL

  • Jake O'Donnell

Rex Ryan and Cowboys TE coach Mike Pope seem to be competing in a bizarre training camp drill proxy war — at least that’s what it appears like if we’re to believe the images and videos that mysteriously surface on Twitter like farts in a motel hot tub.

Seriously though, what the hell is this stuff? Concentration work? A joke? A distraction from the sad state of both the Cowboys and Jets franchises? Because honestly, these “drills” just look like impromptu time-killing games conceived by a hungover gym teacher who lost the keys to the equipment room.

Ryan, borrowing from the 7th inning stretch of minor league baseball games, has his receivers dizzying themselves on baseball bats before receiving passes. Apparently Ryan comes up with his training regimen after watching drunkish 20-year-olds partying at the beach. (Ham rum, anyone?)

Then, of course, the Cowboys staff throw anything but actual footballs at their receiving corp because why would anyone do that?

This one is just creepy. Did anyone run background checks on the Cowboys’ staff?

We’re just waiting for these coaches to debut the “Wash my Dodge Durango and clean up the Rolling Rock bottles strewn throughout my recreational vehicle before my wife sees them” drill, which helps ball-catchers build camaraderie.

[GIF via The Big Lead]