Rex Ryan Was Involved In A Literal Multi-Car Pileup Last Week

  • Jordan Rabinowitz

Because life imitates other parts of life, the endless car wreck that is the New York Jets wouldn’t seem right just sitting there unaccompanied by an actual car wreck involving one of its members. Cue Rex Ryan, his red mustang and a red light that went completely unnoticed.

Ryan was driving through Bethlehem, Pa. last Monday when he reportedly ran through a red light (though he denied doing such to police), resulting in a three-car accident.

According to the police, Ryan was driving a red Mustang westbound on West 3rd Street in Bethlehem at 6:14 p.m. on Jan. 14 when he allegedly ran a red light at the intersection of West 3rd and Wyandotte Street. The Mustang collided with another vehicle, sending it crashing into the third vehicle. “It’s a blind hill to some degree,” a police source said, describing the intersection. “It kind of crests at Wyandotte Street.”

The police source said Ryan denied he was speeding, and that the damage at the scene did not indicate he had been speeding. The police source added that Ryan allegedly did not deny he ran the red light, however. All three vehicles sustained what the police source described as “moderate” damage. There were no injuries, and a Jets team spokesman told Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News that Ryan got off with a warning.

Here’s what one of the other cars looked like:

Again, thankfully, no one was hurt and no foul play was suspected. As for what Ryan was doing in Bethlehem, Pa., the best guess is that he was either going to or coming from meeting with new Jets offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg, but that has not been confirmed.

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