Rex Ryan Shows Up To Press Conference Dressed As Brother Rob (Photo)

  • Glenn Davis

Improbably, we have a new candidate for “favorite sports-related costume of the year” coming in a week and a half after Halloween. The New York Jets face off against the Cleveland Browns this weekend, and besides featuring the hook of Browns coach Eric Mangini facing his former team, there’s also Jets coach Rex Ryan squaring off against his brother Rob, the Browns’ defensive coordinator.

The two are extremely close, but could they possibly refrain from ribbing one another during the week leading up to their matchup? Of course not. And so you’ve got Rex showing up to a press conference today dressed like this:

…as a playful shot at his longer-maned brother. And the Browns gear was an inspired addition. Shutdown Corner’s Chris Chase would have also loved to see a faux goatee (fauxtee?), but hey, you can’t have everything.

Our real hope is that, in addition to taking whatever shots at Rex he chooses, that the length of his brother’s wig inspired Rob to grow his hair to the lengths it reached when he was with the Raiders. Because that was just awesome. Oh, and also for Rex to coach in that wig on Sunday.

[H/T and photo: SNY]