Rex Ryan, To Fan: “Shut The F— Up”

  • Dan Fogarty

The aftermath of this Jets-Patriots game is the gift that keeps on giving.

It seems, folks, that there’s a new rivalry brewing between Rex Ryan and Bill Belichick, and it has nothing to do with what happens during a football game. Nope, this one has to do with who can say naughtier things after a football game.

Earlier this morning, we told you about a very explicit Belichick quote that was overheard by an eavesdropping New York Post reporter. Now, via a Jets fan who just happened to be at the right place at the right time, we have an angry Ryan telling a fan to “shut the f— up.”

If we’re scoring this epic war of curse words (and we are!) we have Belichick slightly ahead, if only because his obscene taunt of the Jets defense may have been premeditated and was absolutely dripping with that patented Belichick smugness. Ryan’s was good (you can tell he’s dealt with fan taunts before), but reactionary.

UPDATE: The NFL is investigating Ryan’s obscene comment, but not Bill Belichick’s.

Video via miket3100.