Most. Uncomfortable. Press. Conference. Ever. (Video)

  • Dan Fogarty

Rex Ryan is the head football coach for the New York Jets. He’s also the subject of a recent Deadspin foot fetish exposé. His press conference with the New York media today was understandably uncomfortable.

Ryan, his normally boisterous personality visibly muted, sheepishly read off his injury report before fielding questions. It didn’t take long for the Deadspin post (which revealed that two people, one of whom looked remarkably like his wife, the other who sounded remarkably like Rex, had made a series of PG-13 foot fetish videos) to come up.

“It’s a personal matter. I’m not going to discuss it,” Rex said. He then repeated the same mantra (“It’s a personal matter… It’s a personal matter”) at least a dozen times.

There were times where he broke out into a slight grin, whether out of embarrassment, or just at the ridiculousness of it all.

Hopefully, it’s the latter. Because Rex has nothing to be embarrassed about. He filmed some videos with his wife, the videos were made public, and now he’s going to catch some shit for it (someone suggested that the Chicago Bears, the team he faces this weekend, play “Footloose” on the PA system when the Jets take the field). But I’m pretty sure filming a video with ones wife doesn’t constitute “having a fetish” (unless, of course, some really freaky-deaky stuff happens).

In the midst of probably one of the most awkward moments of his life, Rex even found an opportunity to be sweet.

When asked about his wife, he said, “My wife’s beautiful, she’s been married for 23 years…she’s awesome.”

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