Rex Ryan Lets Reporter Hold Press Conference (VIDEO)

  • Zach Berger

While it isn’t exactly a surprise to hear that Rex Ryan did something out of the ordinary, I still think an incident from today’s post-practice press conference is worth sharing. There was a bit of a role reversal in the media room when Rex Ryan had reporter Rich Cimini take the podium while the coach sat amongst the journalists and questioned Cimini.

There isn’t anything all that notable that came from the discussion other than the fact that Cimini is a lot less obnoxious than he usually seems to be and Ryan was bothered by the endless questions about Tim Tebow a couple years back.

Take a look:

Gotta love that bravado from Rex! It’s such a circus over there in New York with those Jets! Ryan’s a real player’s coach, isn’t he? What a clown he is!

Maybe Ryan should have taken the opportunity to give the Jets’ beat writers some shit for using those words in every article about him over the past five years.

Here’s the second part of the press conference. The audio isn’t synced but it’s another four minutes of Rex being Rex and Cimini soaking in the attention.