Rex Ryan Ran With The Bulls Yesterday — Jets Fans Disheartened By Lack Of Goring

  • Ricky Boebel

rex ryan running of bulls
Yesterday, New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan participated in the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain (yes, he actually ran). There are no reports of fatalities, so it appears he survived. But to be fair to the bulls, they may have adopted Rex as one of their own during the event.

Did the Jets pay for this trip to Spain? Almost definitely, what better way to get rid of Rex Ryan than via bull goring? Ryan’s life insurance foots the bill for the rest of his contract and the Jets have a “Let’s win this for Rex” Super Bowl season. Unfortunately the investment was a flop, much like all other Jets front office decisions.

Meanwhile, another photo from the Running of the Bulls came out of a bull chasing two men off a pier. Great, now I have to add the water to my list of places to worry about bull gorings.

[photo via Instagram]