Rex Ryan On Wife’s Alleged Nude Photos: “It’s A Personal Matter”

  • Dan Fogarty

New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan was asked about nude photos of a woman that strongly resembles his wife, Michelle, during a press conference with the New York media on Friday.

“It’s a personal matter,” Ryan said. “And I’m not going to discuss it.”

The photos show the woman (who resembles Michelle Ryan) and a man who’s not Rex smelling and rubbing the woman’s bare feet. They were posted on (the headline includes the phrase “Freak Off A Brother”), and are potentially more explosive than the PG YouTube videos which surfaced last week.

After the first batch of videos surfaced on Deadspin, Ryan was asked repeatedly by the media about them during a press conference that was awkward at times. But, perhaps sensing the fact that the newest photos are way more embarrassing, there was only one question asked about them yesterday. Here was Ryan’s succinct response: