Rex Ryan’s New Book Is Kind To Bill Belichick And Wes Welker, Not So Kind To Kerry Rhodes

  • Dan Fogarty

Rex Ryan’s new 270-page book is hitting shelves next week. Not surprisingly, he talks a lot of shit in those 270 pages.

The Star-Ledger’s Jenny Vrentas previewed Ryan’s first foray into authoring, “Play Like You Mean It: Passion, laughs, and leadership in the world’s most beautiful game.” It’s written in a “conversational style” with help from Sports Illustrated editor Don Yaeger.

Translation: a partially-nude Rex Ryan dictated the entirety of the book to a shocked Don Yaeger.

Anyway, here are some of the highlights, courtesy of the Star-Ledger:

On former Jets S Kerry Rhodes…

He was a selfish-ass guy. He wouldn’t work, and he was a Hollywood type, flashy and needing attention. I don’t mind flashy, but your work ethic had better back it up.

On Patriots WR Wes Welker’s sly comments regarding the foot-fetish reports about Ryan and wife, Michelle…

Look, it didn’t bother me. I’m not going to let that affect me. But it did get Welker benched for the first series by Belichick, so I was fine with that. … When I went to Hawaii, the kid came up and apologized to me and my wife. No hard feelings.

On beating the Patriots to advance to the AFC Championship Game…

After the game, Belichick was great. He came up to me and said, “That was an unbelievable coaching job; you deserve it and I hope you win the whole thing.” He really said that, and I could tell he was sincere.

Kudos to Wes Welker, who took the time during Pro Bowl weekend to make what was more than likely the most awkward apology ever delivered in history.