This Is The RGIII Injury That Outraged Pretty Much Every Football Fan

  • Glenn Davis

Robert Griffin III has played hurt a fair amount this season – he’s run the ball a lot, taken a lot of hits because of it, and it’s led to him getting banged up on more than one occasion. But never had his playing hurt been more obvious – and, at times, downright painful to watch – than it was today in the Redskins’ 24-14 playoff loss to the Seahawks.
RGIII noticeably limped down the field for much of the second half, including one run where he somehow picked up several yards, but hobbled out of bounds. It was enough to make more than a few people think Griffin didn’t belong in the game at all… and that was before this happened.

UPDATE: Video removed. Here’s the gif, via SB Nation:

The rest of the original post is below.

Thankfully, he eventually got up and walked off, but he didn’t return, and the extent of the injury is currently unknown. What wasn’t unknown: what a shell of himself Griffin looked like while he was out there, and fans – not just Redskins fans, mind you – were irate that Griffin was out there in his weakened state to begin with, and figured the injury he incurred was a direct result of playing when he shouldn’t have been on the field at all. How irate? This irate:

And it was hard not to think this in the moment, honestly. More than a few people thought RGIII had no business being in the game even before he was knocked out for good (RGIII himself undoubtedly would have fought tooth and nail against that assessment – and probably did), the injury seemed to confirm everyone’s worst fears, and combine that all with this story, and you’ve got some big questions about Mike Shanahan’s handling of his most prized asset.

Like we said, though, RGIII walked off the field under his own power. Hopefully that eventual diagnosis isn’t too serious, he takes some time off to get the knee fully healthy, and returns next season to play some more dazzling football. But if this injury winds up keeping him out for any amount of time, Shanahan is going to take major heat. And in light of both Dr. James Andrews’ comments and Griffin obviously playng at far less than full strength, that heat will be merited. Griffin’s injury in gif form below, via SB Nation.