RG III’s Doctor: “RG III Is Superhuman”

  • Joe Levine

Robert Griffin III’s rehab from knee surgery has been going pretty well, apparently.

Griffin’s doctor, Dr. James Andrews, described the star quarter back as “unbelievable” and “superhuman” during his recovery on Friday to ESPN’s Stephania Bell.

“I’ve been real mum on talking too much about RG III. He wants his recovery to be fairly private but I can tell you he’s way ahead of schedule. His recovery has been unbelievable so far,” Andrews told ESPN.

“RG III is one those superhumans,” Andrews said. “First patient I ever had like that was Bo Jackson. And recently I, of course, had Adrian Peterson, who is also superhuman. They have an unbelievable ability to recover, where as a normal human being may not be able to recover.”

Sounds like someone has a go-to descriptive word.

Imagine his toast at his daughter’s wedding: “I never thought I’d see the day that my daughter Irene would be getting married. Any concerns I might have about giving my baby away disappeared after I met this young man. Dennis, you are superhuman.”

His cover letter for his first job: “My customer service skills, technical prowess, and superhuman organizational ability make me an ideal candidate for this position.”

A recent confessional: “Forgive me, Father, for I have a superhuman ability to sin.”

His review of 2006’s Superman Returns… Okay, you get it.

It turns out Andrews was actually speaking with ESPN regarding a story on South Carolina’s Marcus Lattimore as he rehabs for the NFL draft. One guess as to how he described Lattimore…

Watch/listen to the interview via ESPN: