Richard Sherman Conspiracy Theory: Increased Flags This Season Are Due To Fantasy Football

  • Rick Chandler

In an interview with NBC’s Josh Elliott shown at halftime of the Bengals-Cardinals game on Sunday Night Football, Richard Sherman had a provocative conspiracy theory involving Fantasy Football, more penalties in the preseason, and repeating things in sentences. Sherman:

“You know, when the Fantasy Football numbers need to be where they need to be, then the league needs to do what it needs to do to get it done. You know, this is a money-driven league, so whatever is going to sell tickets is going to sell tickets.”

And whatever point is worth repeating is worth repeating. Dude went to Stanford — he knows how to pad an essay answer.

But another way of putting this is that the league wants an uptick in offense, wants fewer quarterbacks on their backs, and more pass completions. That doesn’t mean that Roger Goodell is sitting in a room with a bank of computer monitors watching all our Fantasy League drafts (although wouldn’t it be some amazing supervillain shit if he did?). But Sherman is right in that the NFL is like an enormous locomotive, and money needs to be shoveled in like coal to keep it moving. That’s why Super Bowl halftime performers have to pay them.

So people want offense, and offense they shall have.

But Sherman’s a little disingenuous when he says that the new emphasis on holding and pass interference has nothing to do with the way the Seahawks play. Seattle is infamous for DB and linebacker shenanigans, and the league is cracking down. And Sherman knows that.

Meanwhile, Sherman is on the cover of Madden 15, it seems.