Richard Sherman Spies On Seahawks Mini-Camp From His Jet-Ski (PHOTOS)

  • Jake O'Donnell

Naturally, the Seattle Seahawks rookie minicamp is held on the rustic shores of Lake Washington. As NFL players enjoy the last throws of their offseason, rookies are busy fighting for a job at practice in mid May. So Richard Sherman, seen here on a leisure craft, decided to pay them a visit/remind them who’s the boss ’round these parts.

It’s like the time you drove your Camaro up and down the parking lot of your high school, except wetter. And Richard Sherman’s not 32.

Glad he made some friends. God knows rich dudes with jet-skis have trouble getting other people to hang out with them.

Nothing quite like enjoying the great rookie watching the Pacific Northwest has to offer. Species include 3rd Round DT Jordan Hill, 4th Round WR Chris Harper, while the first round picks will be extinct this season due to the incursion of Percy Harvin on their natural territory.

Photos via AP, H/T HuffPostSports