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Richard Sherman Tells Skip Bayless He’s “Better At Life” Than Him On First Take

  • Jordan Rabinowitz

It’s not often you find that Stephen A. Smith is the least insufferable person in a room with at least three people (I seriously kid, love ya Stephen A.), but alas, that’s what Richard Sherman and Skip Bayless did on First Take Thursday afternoon. Sherman laid a verbal smackdown Bayless, and you’ll wind up never having loved First Take more. Watch what went down.

Honestly, I haven’t laughed out loud as heartily as I did at this clip in a long, long time. It goes without saying that Bayless had this coming for a long time, though I didn’t quite expect it from Sherman. It’s not that Sherman doesn’t have the propensity to say impulsive, outlandish things. It’s that he’s only been in the NFL for two seasons, and in the public eye for not much longer — we’ve had to bear witness to Bayless for years. I just thought it wasn’t going to take until 2013 for something like this to happen.

Not gonna lie, between laughs, my face was much like Stephen A’s: scrunched up in ways it usually isn’t, wincing at Sherman’s poisonous barbs. It was hard to watch at times, only because I was waiting in terrible fear to see what an unhinged Bayless might look like. “In my 24 years of life, I’m better at life than you,” is something Sherman actually said to Bayless, so you can imagine my fear.

And Stephen A’s.

True fear.

True fear

Unadulterated fear.

He’s basically peeing his pants.

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