Richard Sherman Is The Only Defensive Player In The NFL With A Top 10 Best-Selling Jersey

  • Eric Goldschein

richard sherman

We’re gonna go ahead and say that this has been Richard Sherman’s best week ever. He cemented himself as the league’s best corner with his game-sealing tip, made himself the top story heading into the Super Bowl, has had two big-brand commercials (plus an unofficial remix) drop, and today it was announced that he’s now in the top 10 in NFL jersey sales.

According to Darren Rovell, Sherman joins two Seahawk teammates in this rarefied air — QB Russell Wilson (number two) and RB Marshawn Lynch (number six). Sherman is number 10. Everyone else on the list is an elite quarterback, elite running back, or Ryan Tannehill.

On, “Richard Sherman Jerseys” are number four on the “Hot” items list; his name doesn’t appear in the most searched category, though J.J. Watt does.

These jersey sale numbers start from April 1, 2013 (the start of the NFL’s fiscal year) through last week. So even before Sherman blew up the sports world by requesting with vigor that people not talk about him, his star was on the rise. Again, this is great news for a guy that made just over half a million this year from his NFL contract.

Regardless of what happens in next weekend’s game, expect Sherman to get paid in the offseason.

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