Richie Incognito Made The Other Offensive Linemen Meet Him At The Strip Club

  • Eric Goldschein

richie incognito

In any other context, this story would be almost funny. When you include it in the larger context of Richie Incognito’s other bullying allegations, it’s kind of horrifying.

From the National Football Post:

According to two sources, suspended Dolphins guard Richie Incognito regularly held meetings for the team’s offensive linemen at a South Florida strip club, demanding that other linemen attend at the location. Incognito went so far as to “fine” teammates in an erstwhile kangaroo court if they did not show up… If players didn’t go, Incognito would mock them for not being part of the group, one of the sources said.

Once again, everyone will come down on either side of this issue. There’s the “Come on, bro, it’s a strip club, whatever, it’s funny, men go to strip clubs, man up, or tell Richie to screw off when he ‘mocks’ you” crowd. And there’s the “Why would an adult put other adults, some of whom are likely in relationships or are just not into strip clubs, in such an awkward situation?” crowd. Either way, it sounds like a very “Miami” thing to do — just not a “Dolphins” thing to do. Because you should probably be something of a professional when it comes to your profession, no?

The one real question I have is, in what way did Incognito “fine” his teammates? Was mocking them the fine? Or did he literally extract money from them for these perceived offenses — and was it all in singles, for his own use at the club? That’s a huge detail that will likely be revealed in the coming days.

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