Louisville’s Rick Pitino Urges “All You Atheists Out There” To Watch Tim Tebow

  • Glenn Davis

Everyone has an opinion on Tim Tebow. That’s what makes him so compelling (well, besides that every one of his team’s games comes down to the last possession). You ask someone about Tebow, you’re getting an impassioned response one way or the other – one that will either delight or enrage. The latest to weigh in with an interesting take on the divisive Broncos quarterback? Louisville basketball coach Rick Pitino on his radio show, for some reason:

“All you atheists out there, watch Tim Tebow and you’ll believe. … You watch him out there, and he can’t complete a pass. Then, Jesus comes out of the sky, and he’s hitting everything.”

We couldn’t help but wonder: was it a joke? Eric Crawford of the Louisville Courier-Journal seemed to think so. And it seems so crazy that…what can it be but a joke? “Jesus comes out of the sky”? No. Pitino couldn’t mean it. As absolutely amazing as it would be if he really did think Tebow’s fourth-quarter magic could make Penn Jillette hit his knees every night, he couldn’t mean it.

But really, whether or not Pitino was joking doesn’t even matter. The big thing here: Tim Tebow is so big that Rick Pitino is getting asked about him. How did we even get to the point where Pitino’s opinion on Tebow is actually sought-after…and apparently, with good reason? It may be our favorite illustration yet of just what a phenomenon Tebow is. No one can escape him. Everyone, at all times, is at risk of being asked their opinion, even if you coach at the college level in a different sport in a different part of the country. For as long as the Broncos keep winning, Tebow transcends all.

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