Here’s Video Of Riley Cooper Drunkenly Dancing On Stage After Dropping An N-Bomb

  • Matt Rudnitsky

Philadelphia Eagles receiver Riley Cooper was drinking, heavily, before he dropped his infamous N-bomb. He started at 11 a.m. for an 8 p.m. concert. Say what you want about Riley Cooper (he’s a racist, horrible person, etc.), but you must admit: he knows how to pregame. Which is why there’s video of him dancing drunkenly on stage at that Kenny Chesney concert.

(Note: we’re not entirely sure this was after the incident, but this appears to be at night, at the end of the concert, so we think it is.

The whole video is worth watching, but the 5:15 mark probably takes the cake, where Cooper continues dancing while everybody is leaving the stage.

The jorts, cut-off shirt, alcohol and party antics? Riley Cooper is Unlikable Rob Gronkowski. He is Hick Gronk.

Oh, and he’s been excused from team activities to go to “counseling,” whatever that means.

You can take the Gronk out of the hick (hence non-hick-Gronk’s existence), but you can’t take the hick out of the Hick Gronk. Unless this “counseling” thing actually works.

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