ESPN The Magazine’s Body Issue Will Also Feature A Naked Rob Gronkowski, Because Of Course It Will

  • Glenn Davis

Yesterday we brought you the ESPN The Magazine Body Issue cover featuring Knicks center Tyson Chandler, and his bare ass. Of course, though, Chandler won’t be the only athlete featured in the issue – the magazine also bestowed that honor on Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski, and a sampling of what the Gronk will look like was released this morning. You can see it at left.

Gronk, of course, is no stranger to ripping his shirt off (hell, we wouldn’t be surprised if he walked into the studio for his shoot already shirtless), but taking everything off is a different ballgame. (Speaking of different ballgames: Gronk won a celebrity home run derby in Buffalo last night, because Gronk is everywhere. Including on celebrity dating TV shows where he looks amazed that people are virgins.) Also: it’s a camera trick, sure, but those are some freakishly giant-looking hands.

Of course, despite this looking like a classic case of Gronk being Gronk, he’s only one of many people posing for this issue (which comes out on the 13th). Among the athletes featured, in addition to Gronk and Chandler: Jose Bautista, Maurice Jones-Drew, Brad Richards, Candace Parker, Ronda Rousey, and Abby Wambach. But has Gronk already overshadowed them all?

[Jimmy Traina]