Did Rob Gronkowski Hook Up With A 16-Year-Old Girl In Aruba?

  • Dan Fogarty

New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski recently took a trip to Aruba, a trip that has been filled with sunny days taking pictures with Spring Breakers and boozy nights at Señor Frog’s… also taking pictures with Spring Breakers.

This makes sense, because Rob Gronkowski a) is known for being a bit of a party boy, b) is coming off an insanely successful year professionally, and c) is 22 years old. So if you put Gronk, right at this moment in his life, in Aruba, during Spring Break, around a lot of young women, you will get plenty of photos like the one you see on the left.

There’s a potential problem with that photo, though. According to Busted Coverage, one of the girls in it might be only 16 years old. She also, according to a friend, “hooked up” with the Patriots tight end.

When Busted Coverage first reported on the photo above, it seemed like just another “Gronk is Kissed By Girls” photo. It was tweeted out by a young woman from Scituate, Massachusetts, who also tweeted the following:

I just hooked up with gronks brother and [my friend] hookedup with gronk ….. life complete

When someone replied, “no fucking way,” she said this:

yuppppppp we got proof

After the claims of hooking up with Gronk were made, a friend of the young woman’s (who we’re guessing is now a former friend of the young woman’s) posted a photo, allegedly of a photo ID belonging to the girl on the left. According to that photo ID, she’s 16.

Now, it’s entirely possible that Rob Gronkowski’s interaction with this 16-year-old started and ended with a photograph of him pantomiming cunnilingus — younger folks have been known to exaggerate things when they’re passing Spring Break stories back to their classmates electronically. Also, what exactly constitues a “hook up” changes from teenage cluster to teenage cluster, and what might mean “making out” to a group of kids in Des Moines might mean something entirely different to a group of kids in Brooklyn. It’s also entirely possible that Gronkowski simply assumed that the young girls that he was taking a photo with were 18, since they were in a bar with him at the time.

One final note, which makes me queasy to even write: the age of consent in Aruba is 16. Even if something did happen, it wouldn’t be illegal. Again: a shitty, shitty thing to have to note, and something that wouldn’t come close to making that okay.

The tweets have since been deleted. And if Rob Gronkowski really did hook up with a 16-year-old, in any capacity, this won’t be the last time we hear about this story.

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