Rob Gronkowski to Attempt 10 Million Dollar Field Goal During Super Bowl LVII

After creating plenty of headlines during his illustrious NFL career, Rob Gronkowski is back in the news for Super Bowl LVII.

The veteran tight end, who has retired, even amid whispers he could return, is set to have a live TV commercial during the game. Gronkowski’s commercial is based around a campaign called the “Kick of Destiny,” which will feature a field goal attempt live during the Super Bowl. 

This campaign originated from the FanDuel Group, with incentives to bet on the Super Bowl that tie into Gronkowski’s kick. Every customer who places a Super Bowl bet of five dollars or more on FanDuel will win a share of $10 million in free bets if Gronkowski makes the field goal. 

The campaign will follow Gronkowski through the NFL playoffs leading up to Super Bowl LVII, including time spent practicing with a legendary former NFL kicker. 

FanDuel’s Executive Vice President of Marketing, Andrew Sneyd, spoke about the buzz leading up to the company’s first-ever commercial during the Super Bowl. 

“Whether it’s kick-off, a touchdown, or an important play that will decide a season, FanDuel knows moments matter. Our first-ever Super Bowl commercial will be more than just a television spot – it will create a moment that will bring fans together and give them something to collectively cheer for.”

With the buzz surrounding this campaign, Gronkowski spoke about the excitement surrounding the kick. 

“I spent my career catching the ball, but I always knew I could kick it, and now I’ll do it live in front of football fans everywhere during the Super Bowl. With $10 million in free FanDuel bets on the line, I’m training every day to give fans something to root for and to watch the “Kick of Destiny” live on national television.”

Fans can also keep an eye on the historic campaign through multiple promotional activities, including being able to take photos with “The Foot of Destiny,” a replica of Gronkowski’s foot that will be signed by him and auctioned off after the Super Bowl. In addition, fans 21 or older can take their own shot at the “Kick of Destiny” on-site at the Super Bowl Experience with the chance to win $25 at the FanDuel SportsBook at the Footprint Center. 

Gronkowski joined FanDuel as an exclusive brand partner in December and will be appearing on its FanDuel TV network with Kay Adams, host of Up & Adams. 

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