More Proof That Robert Griffin III Can Do No Wrong

  • Glenn Davis

Robert Griffin III has the Redskins in the playoff hunt, after leading them to a key 17-16 win over the Giants last night. He has frustrated opponents gushing. He has 17 touchdowns passing against just four picks, and he might run for 1,000 yards too.

And if it seems unfair for one guy to have so much skill, consider this: right now, Griffin’s got luck on his side too. Here’s how the ‘Skins scored their first touchdown last night:

This was the bit of luck I alluded to in the morning roundup. And it should be noted that despite this bad break, the Giants still had plenty of chances to win and couldn’t finish the job. Still, that fumble was probably RGIII’S biggest screwup of the night… and it led directly to a score. When you’re hot, you’re hot, I guess. If he avoids taking too many big hits, he is going to be terrifying for a long time, whether he’s getting any lucky breaks or not.