Watch Robert Griffin III Run 76 Yards For A Touchdown, Give Redskins Nation Collective Orgasm

  • Glenn Davis

Redskins fan: I’m sorry, officer, I… I just don’t see what I did wrong here.
Police Officer: Sir, you ripped your pants off in a public setting. Disturbing the peace, indecent exposure…
Redskins fan: With all due respect, officer, I had a very good reason for it.
Police officer: I’d love to hear it. Enlighten me.
Redskins fan: Well, I did it because of this:

Police officer: Sir, I’m sorry I bothered you. Your reaction was justified. Have a nice day.

Remember when it was first announced the Redskins made the bold move to trade for the second pick in the draft (and presumably select RGIII with that pick, as they indeed did)? We liked the move, but ever expected it to pay these kinds of dividends, this quickly. And there was an argument to be made that the Redskins simply gave up too much to acquire the pick, but if RGIII keeps doing things like this, it’ll have been an absolute steal.

Griffin needs to be smart about running and doing everything possible to avoid injury (and as the struggles of Cam Newton this season make clear, brilliance during one’s rookie season does not a career make), but this guy is about as electrifying a talent to enter the NFL as there’s been in some time. And if we were Redskins fans? We hope we’d keep our pants on, but the young quarterback would not be making it easy. If you’d prefer the run in gif form, here it is, via The Big Lead.