Here’s How Some Angry Redskins Fans Reacted On Facebook To Robert Griffin III’s Torn Knee Ligaments And Surgery

  • Glenn Davis

The first reports following Robert Griffin III’s knee injury against the Seahawks on Sunday suggested he’d partially torn both his ACL and LCL, and whether or not he needed surgery was unclear. The next report got a little worse for Griffin and the Redskins: Griffin did require LCL surgery, which he underwent this morning, and during the surgery, it woud be determined if his ACL needed to be operated on too. And then the most recent information served as the cherry on top of the crap sundae: as Chris Mortensen reported, RGIII needed his ACL repaired as well. Said Griffin III’s father:

“Robert’s ACL is intact, but not enough for his profession. You and I could be fine. But he is an athlete. So they will replace.”

The good news is that Griffin could realistically be ready for the start of next season. The bad news: well, the bad news is that he needed ACL and LCL surgery after one season. RGIII’s rare athleticism lends itself t a run-heavy, high-injury-risk style, but few would have predicted he’d need major surgery this quickly.

And the Redskins organization itself is under fire for letting it happen. Not just from columnists, either: plenty of fans are hopping mad about the current RGIII state of affairs, and the controversial coaching decisions and field conditions that contributed to it. For proof, let’s turn to a few reactions collected from the Redskins’ official Facebook page:

And it wasn’t just Redskins fans, either:

Hopefully, RGIII returns for the start of next season and plays like none of this ever happened. He may well. (He was sure able to do that the last time he tore up his knee.) But until he does, one of the most exciting talents in the NFL – a talent on which the Redskins staked the future of their franchise – is an unknown. Can you blame Redskins fans for venting a little?

Getty photo, by Al Bello