Robert Kraft Says He ‘Feels Duped’ By Aaron Hernandez

  • Rick Chandler

Is there anyone who hasn’t duped Robert Kraft lately? As Vladimir Putin admires his Super Bowl ring, we bring you this: the Patriots’ owner broke his silence on the Aaron Hernandez arrest on Monday, saying that the tight end duped him and the organization by writing in a letter that they had nothing to fear about his behavior, and prior drug use.

“If this stuff is true, I’ve been duped, and our whole organization has been duped,” Kraft told the Boston Globe.

“Here was have a guy who, man, it looks like had the world by the tail. He said to me he wanted to be a role model to the Hispanic community,” Kraft said. “He said we’d given him a second chance, and I believed him. He was the most likable young man. This is all sad to me. Very sad.”

And there’s certainly no need to look closely into a draft pick’s background when he tells you that his first NFL jersey was a Drew Bledsoe jersey.

Kraft said Hernandez “knew how to push my buttons.” Hernandez, a native of Bristol, Conn., told Kraft after being drafted that the first jersey he owned was a Drew Bledsoe Patriots jersey.

“He was a New England kid who was a Patriot. I thought it was cool,” Kraft said.

Warning to Robert: that email from Nigeria might not be legit either.

Also, Kraft said that the team’s jersey exchange over the weekend drew more than 1,200 fans to swap their Aaron Hernandez No. 81 jerseys for those of any other New England player. Kraft said the team lost about $250,000 all told with the swap.

Photo: Associated Press.